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1. Questions about MISUMI products? Kindly fill in sales form to contact MISUMI sales team.
2. MISUMI also does customized camera design and tailored modification to meet specific imaging applications.
    (Click MISUMI Customized Camera Request Form and fill in your specification needs.)
3. Please only send one contact form/customized camera request form to expedite customer service process.     Sending mutiple forms will slow down the process.

Contact Sales 

 • Key Contact: Ms. Isabel Hsu 
 • Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, GMT+ 8 ; 9 am – 6 pm Central Time
 • Skype: misumi-800 ( Voice Call Only. Free Skype Call Directly to MISUMI Telephone Line. )
 • Call: +886-2-2226-6303  
 • Fax: +886-2-2222-5620  
 • E-mail:
 • 統一編號: 05165352

Address: 5F-3, No.70, Jian 6th Rd., Zhonghe Dist, New Taipei City 23585, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
地址: 新北市中和區建六路70號5F-3
      Bus number: 262、橘5 : get off at bus stop - Pingheli  (平河里) (3mins walk)   
      Bus number: 57、201、214、214直、275、275副、307、311、311區、706、793、796、908、921、950 (10mins walk) 
By M.R.T.
     Take Orange Line towards 南勢角 and get off at Jing-An Station (景安站).( Then take a bus. )

Japan Contact
 • Contact: 劉(リュウ) 鏗(コウ)
 • Skype: liu04080608    • Line: liukeng5587
 • Call: 042-661-7929     • 攜帶電話: 090-5492-2418
 • Fax: 042-661-7927 
 • E-mail:
 • 193-0942 東京都八王子市椚田町558-7

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