Button & Screw Camera >> CMOS
SPY Camera   MO-N8520, MO-N5520, MO-N3520, MO-C820, MO-N5524, MO-N5531
Slim Size is perfect for wearable and hidden!
Miniature covert screw or button camera

MO-N8620, MO-N8621, MO-N8622, MO-N8623, MO-N8624, MO-N8625, MO-N8631
 1/3" Color CCIQIII 960H
 976 (H) x 496(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 0.05Lux /F 1.2 20IRE
 1/60~1/200,000(NTSC), 1/50~1/170,000(PAL)

MO-N5520, MO-N5521, MO-N5522, MO-N5523, MO-N5524, MO-N5525, MO-N5531
 1/3.7" Color CCIQ
 648(H) x 488(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 0.02 Lux/F1.2
 60 field/sec(NTSC-EIA), 50 field/sec(PAL-CCIR) CVBS

MO-N3520, MO-N3521, MO-N3522, MO-N3523, MO-N3524, MO-N3525, MO-N3531
 1/4" Color CCIQ III
 648(H) x 488(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 0.01Lux /F1.2 
 60 field/sec(NTSC-EIA), 50 field/sec(PAL-CCIR) CVBS

MO-C820, MO-C821, MO-C822, MO-C823, MO-C824, MO-C825, MO-C831
 1/4" Color CCD
 768 x 494 (NTSC), 752 x 582 (PAL)
 0.02Lux /F 1.2 20IRE

4.3 mm/F2.0 (4F LENS-M10 top7/P0.5mm)
5.2 mm/F2.8 (5F LENS-M7.5/P0.35mm)
6.0mm/F2.0 (5F LENS-M10/P0.5mm)

 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimensions(mm): 24 x 28
1/11"(1/6") Color CCIQ III Camera   MX-S5117KU-6F, MX-S5117KU-3M
Perfect record monitor screen.
Slim size good for be hidden

 1/11"(1/6") Color CCIQ Camera
 Image Area: 2.90mm(D), 1.75um, (Magnification can be customized)
 Output display format: 720(H) x 480(V) for CVBS
 Frame Rate: 15 fps
 Sensitivity: 0.5[V/Lux.sec]
 Sensor Scan Mode: Progressive Scan
 Lens: 6.38mm/F4.4
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimensions(mm): 17.5 x 22 x 6.4
 IR LED x 12 (optional)

SPY HD Mini USB Camera   MM-N4120, MM-N4121, MM-N4122, MM-N4123, MM-N4124, MM-N4125, MM-N4131 series
 With special clip, camera stays tight even when running and jumping.
 A very convenient gadget for police on duty.
 Slim Size is perfect for wearable and hidden!

 1/4" WXGA HD 720P camera
 Scan mode: progressive
1280 x 720 /YUV 10fps/ MJPEG 30fps/H.264 24fps
640 x 480 /30 fps; 640 x 360 /30 fps
320 x 240 /30 fps; 320 x 180 /30 fps
 Pixel size: 3um x 3um
 Image area: 3888um x 2430um
 Lens: 4.0mm/F2.0 (4F lens)
 S/N ratio: 39dB
 Sensitivity: 3300mV/(Lux)
 Dark current: 20mV/Sec
 Power: DC5V, 100mA(standby); 180mA(MJPEG); 210mA(H.264)
 Dimensions(mm): (D)10.3 x 40.7
 Model Information:
MM-N4120, MM-N4121, MM-N4122, MM-N4123, MM-N4124, MM-N4125, MM-N4131
 Other information: Type C connector/Micro USB OTG B type

with IR 940nm LED x 12/Button Spy Camera!!   MX-S9X31KU, MX-S9X81KU, MX-S5X17KU
 1/3.7" CMOS Hiddden Camera
 IR 940 nm LED x 12
 Effective image area:3.8(H) x 2.9(V) x 4.86(D)
 Pixel: 648 x 488 (NTSC-EIA & PAL-CCIR)
 Image transfer rate:
60 field/sec (NTSC-EIA)
50 field/sec (PAL-CCIR)
 0.03 Lux / 50IRE, 15 fps-LED turn off / 60cm)
 0.03 Lux / 140IRE, 15 fps-LED turn on / 60cm)
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 S/N ratio: 47.0 [dB]
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimensions(mm): 17.5 x 22

With IR 940nm LED x 12, it can be an useful and easy camouflage spy camera in the dark!

MO-S9531U, MO-S9581U, MX-S5517
 1/3.7" CCIQIII color camera
 Horizontal 480 TV Lines

MO-S9731U, MO-S9781U, MX-S5717
 1/3.7" CCIQIII B/W camera
 Horizontal 550 TV Lines
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Wearable Camera   MO-S2620, MO-S2621, MO-S2622, MO-S2623, MO-S2624, MO-S2631
 1/3" Color CCIQ Camera
 Pixel: 360K(PAL), 250K(NTSC)
 380 TV Lines
 Shutter Speed: 1/50-1/125,000 Sec.
 Lens: 4.3 mm / F 2.0
 Min. Illumination: 0.2Lux/F1.2
 Power: DC 5~12V, 35mA(Max)
 Diameter: Ø12 mm

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Button & Screw Micro USB Camera  MM-N20XXU
 Full HD 1080p, H.264
 Color CMOS H.264 SPY Button & Screw Micro USB Camera for smart phone
 Effective Image area(mm): 5.856 x 3.276
 Pixel Size(um): 3 x 3
 Image sensor: 1/2.7" Color
 Image Transfer Rate:
1920x1080/30fps H.264, MJPEG; 5fps YUV
1280x720/30fps H.264, MJPEG; 10fps YUV
640x480/30fps, 640x360/30fps, 320x240/30fps, 320x180/30fps H.264, MJPEG, YUV
 Dynamic range: 69 dB @ 8x gain
 Sensitivity: 3300 mV/(Lux-sec)
 Lens: 6.0mm/F2.0(M12/top7xP0.5)
 Power: DC5V, 350mA(Max)
 Dimensions(mm): 22.8x57.4
 Cable length(cm): 200
 Connector: Micro USB OTG B type
 Model information: MM-N2031U, MM-N2025U, MM-N2024U, MM-N2023U, MM-N2022U, MM-N2021U, MM-N2020U
1080P, SPY CAMERA,  H.264 SPY Button & Screw Camera,WATERPROOF
1/3" & 1/4'' CCIQ III Mini Spy Camera   MO-S6620E, MO-S6621E, MO-S6622E, MO-S6623E, MO-S6624E, MO-S6625E, MO-S6631E

Hidden button & screw camera, perfect for SPY!
with 4.0mm/F2.0 Lens and DC 5~12V power input

MO-S8620, MO-S8621, MO-S8622, MO-S8623, MO-S8624, MO-S8625, MO-S8631
 1/3" Color CCIQ III 960H Camera
 976 (H) x 496(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel size: 5.00um x 7.40um
 710 TV Lines(NTSC), 740 TV Lines(PAL)
 Sensitivity: 11.4 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dimensions(mm): 11 x 11

MO-S6620E, MO-S6621E, MO-S6622E, MO-S6623E, MO-S6624E, MO-S6625E, MO-S6631E
 1/3" Color CCIQ III D1 HI Res Camera
 756(H) x 504(V) D1 (NTSC/PAL)
 Pixel size: 6.35um x 7.4um
 520 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 11.9 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dimensions(mm): 12.8 x 12.8

MO-S4620, MO-S4621, MO-S4622, MO-S4623, MO-S4624, MO-S4625, MO-S4631
 1/3" Color CCIQ III Camera
 728(H) x 488(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 Pixel size: 6.35um x 7.4um
 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 13.8 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dimensions(mm): 11 x 11

MO-S5520, MO-S5521, MO-S5522, MO-S5523, MO-S5524, MO-S5525, MO-S5531
 1/4" Color CCIQ III Camera
 648(H) x 488(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 Pixel size: 6um x 6um
 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dimensions(mm): 11 x 11

MO-S3520, MO-S3521, MO-S3522, MO-S3523, MO-S3524, MO-S3525, MO-S3531
 1/4" Color CCIQ III Camera
 648(H) x 488(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 Pixel size: 5.55um x 5.55um
 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 3.16 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dimensions(mm): 11 x 11
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NEW CCIQ II Hidden Camera   MO-N2620A, MO-N2621A, MO-N2622A, MO-N2623A, MO-N2624A, MO-N2631A
 Covert Camera Hidden In A Button
 360K(PAL), 250K(NTSC)
 380 TV Lines
 0.2Lux/ F1.2
 Shutter Speed: 1/50-1/12,5000 Sec.
 Built-in Microphone
 Dimensions(mm): 24 x 28
 HI Sensitivity
 With Micro controller storage
 firmware enhance sharpness and image edge, automatic exposure/gain with 16 zone control
 Net Weight: 25g


1/3" CCIQ III 960H Hidden Camera   MO-NS8620, MO-NS8621, MO-NS8622, MO-NS8623, MO-NS8624, MO-NS8625, MO-NS8631
 1/3" Color CCIQ III 960H Camera
 Pixel: 976 (H) x 496(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 Pixel size: 5.00 um x 7.40 um
 Effective image area: 4.88 mm x 3.67 mm
 HI Resolution: 710 (NTSC), 740 (PAL) TV line over
 Dark signal: 34.0 [mV/sec ]
 Sensitivity: 11.4 [V/Lux.sec]
 SNR: 46.4 [dB]
 Lens: 4.0mm/F2.0
 Shutter speed: 1/60~1/200,000 (NTSC), 1/50~1/170,000 (PAL)
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimensions(mm): 23 x 20 

Ultra Mini Wearable Camera  MO-R3520 , MO-R3521 , MO-R3522 , MO-R3523 , MO-R3524 , MO-R3525 , MO-R3531
Ultra Mini Wearable Camera (Button, Screw)
 1/4" Color CCIQ II Camera
 Video out: TV out playback
 Pixel: 648 x 488 (NTSC/PAL)
 Lens: 3.1mm / F 3.4 (3T)
 Image Transfer Rate:
60 field/sec (NTSC)
50 field/sec (PAL)

 Dimensions(mm): (D)7.7 x 8.5

MO-R3520-3T, MO-R3522-3T
MO-R3523-3T, MO-R3524-3T

MO-R3521-3T, MO-R3525-3T
SPY Camera   MO-N5520, MO-N5521, MO-N5522, MO-N5523, MO-N5524, MO-N5531
Small portable size
 1/3.7" CCIQIII color camera
 Effective image area: 3.8(H) x 2.9(V) x 4.86(D)
 Pixel: 648 x 488 (NTSC & PAL )
 Resolution: horizontal 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic range: 63.3 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 47.0 [dB]
 Lens: 4.3 mm/F2.0 (4F Lens-M10 top7/P0.5mm)
 Power: DC 5~12V
MO-N5520 MO-N5521MO-N5522MO-N5523MO-N5524MO-N5525MO-N5531

1/16.1" (Crop Sensor )Color CMOS VGA Hidden UVC Camera   HS-B112310, HSM-B112310, HST-B112310,
 USB 2.0 (Micro USB or USB Type C- order in advance)
 VGA Telescope Hidden
 Effective Image area(mm): 0.90x0.67
 Pixel Size(um): 1.4x1.4
 Resolution:640x480@ 30fps MJPG/ 3fps YUV
 Dynamic range: 73.3 dB @ 15.5x gain
 Sensitivity: 553 mV/(Lux-sec)
 Power: DC5V
 OS Support: MAC OS, Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Windows XP, Linux, Andriod
 Dimensions(mm): 14(D)
 Cable length(cm): 200 (OD2.8mm)
1/3" Color CCIQ III 960H Hidden Camera + DVR  MP-N8520, MP-N8520A, MP-N85XX, MP-N85XXA
 Effective Pixels: 976 (H) x 496(V) (NTSC/PAL)
 Effective Image Area: 4.88 mm x 3.67 mm (Diagonal: 6.1mm)
 Pixel Size: 5.00 um x 7.40 um
 Resolution(TV Lines): 710(NTSC), 740(PAL)
 Lens: 4.3mm/F2.0
 S/N Ratio: 46.4 dB
 Dynamic range: 63.5 [dB]
 Sensor scan mode: Interlaced 60 fields
 Minimum illumination: 0.05Lux at F1.2 20IRE
 Shutter Speed: 1/60~1/200,000 (NTSC) , 1/50~1/170,000 (PAL)
 Sensitivity: 11.4 [V/Lux.sec]
 Storage temperature: -30 to 60 Degree C
 Working temperature: -10 to 45 Degree C
 Power: DC 5~12V
 With UTC control function
MP-N85XXA with Audio

 Display: 2.5" LTPS TFT LCD 508x240(230K)
 External Memory: SDHC /SD card slot (support up to 32GB) , Built-in flash memory 128 MB
 Interface: 2 in 1 MiniUSB ( USB2.0 / Power in ) ; 4 in 1 earphone jack
(Video out / earphone jack / external microphone / AV in)
 Video out / Video in: TV OUT (NTSC/PAL) / AV IN (NTSC/PAL)
 Function: Snapshot (640 x 480-jpg)
Scheduled recording function (12 event)
Special Power save button (monitor sleep mode)
 Extend Interface: Extend DC power 9V out for camera and AV in
 AV Recorder Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA) / max 30 fps
 AV Audio Quality 2 modes: radio quality (16KHz) / CD quality (48KHz)
 AV Recorder Quality: MPEG4 best fine normal basic economy
 Format Support: JPEG ASF WAV MP3 WMA
 Language Support: 12 languages
(English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, simple Chinese, tradition Chinese, Korean, Polish, Turkey)
 Battery: Rechargeable LI-ION battery(3.7 V /920mA compatible with NP60 type battery)
 Adapter: 5V DC adapter (USB port) / USB cable
 Size: 18(L) x 68(W) x 81(H)mm
 Weight: 95g (with battery)

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