CMOS >>CVBS Signal >> Endoscope(< Φ8mm) >> Snake Borescope
Ultra mini snake camera MO-R803-105, MO-R803-55
 1/18" Color CMOS Camera
 Pixel: 320 x 240 (NTSC Only) QVGA
 Resolution : 240 TV Lines
 0.68 mm/F3.0 FOV 90 Degree
 0.96 mmF 2.8 FOV 55 Degree
 Min. Illumination :2 Lux/ F1.2
 Power : DC 5~12V
 Dimensions : ∮4.4mm

Waterproof Tube camera MQ-L822-55
 Waterproof IP67
 1/18" (NTSC) Color CMOS Camera
 White LED x 4
 AWB OFF: 5000K-fix-optional
 LED light illumintation: 5400Lux
 Pixel: 320 x 240 QVGA
 Min. Illumination: 2 Lux/ F1.2
 Resolution: horizontal 240 TV lines
 Lens: 0.96 mm /F 3.0 (FOV 55 degree)
 Power: DC3.3V
 Dimensions(mm): (D)3.9 x 15
MO-L805 Customize Camera Snake camera MO-L805
Snake camera
 Cable length be ordering in advance by customer request
Adjustable LED Light Snake Camera MO-V1204
 1/12" Color CMOS Snake Camera
 720 x 525(NTSC), 720 x 625(PAL)
 LED x 4 (White LED light)
 400 TV Lines
 5Lux/ F2.8
 Electronic shutter: 1/60~1/62500s
 Lens: 1.2mm / F2.8
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimensions(mm): (D)5.5 x 32
Adjustable LED Light Snake Camera MO-L1204
  LED x 4 (White LED light)
  400 TV Lines
  5Lux/ F2.8
  Electronic shutter: 1/60~1/62500s
  LENS: 1.2mm F2.8
  Power Supply : DC DC 5V
  Dimensions(mm) : (D)5.5 mm x 34mm

Snake camera with LED light MO-R833 ,MO-L833
 1/18" Color Camera
 W/LED Light (MO-L833)
 76800 Pixel(NTSC)
 240 TV Lines
 2Lux / F1.2
 Dimension(mm): (D)3.9 x 15
 Lens: 0.96mm/F2.8(55 degree), 0.68mm/F3.0(90 degree)
Ultra mini snake camera MX-L1004
 Auto Exposure ;  Auto White Balance  Noise Reduction
 Black Level Calibration  On-Chip Dead Pixel Correction ;
 Edge Enhancement  Brightness
 Gamma Correction;  Color Correction;  Lens Shading Correction
 white LED x 6; IR940nm x 6; IR850nm x 6(ordering in advance)
 Pixel Size: 2.125um X 2.125um
 Effective pixels: 640 x 480
 450 TV Lines
 Frame Rate: 15~30fps(15 fps fixed for order in advance)
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Dimension(mm): (D)4.5mm
1/4" Color CCIQ II Snake Camera MO-L3506
 White LED Light (LED light illumintation : 5400Lux)
 648 x 488
 Lens: 3.4mm/F3.4
 65cm flexible iron pipe protect cable
 Dimensions(mm): (D)8 x 12

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