CMOS >>CVBS Signal >> Convert Camera
CAR Keychain DVR MP-110
Normal REC, loop overwrite REC , Motion detect REC
 Record: 640 x 480(VGA/MP4) / max 30 fps.
 RTC date and time stamping
 Micro SD / Micro SDHC card slot (support up to 16GB)
 Video out : TV out playback
 Snapshot: JPG IMAGE 2048 x 1536 (3.1 Mega Pixels)
1/3.7" CCIQIII Hybrid sensitivity camera MX-R5510C, MX-R5610C
 Non-detectable(AR lens)!!
 Hybrid sensitivity camera!!

 1/3.7" Hybrid sensitivity color camera (MX-R55XX)
 1/3.7" Hybrid sensitivity B/W camera (MX-R57XX)
 1/3" Hybrid sensitivity color camera (MX-R56XX)
 1/3" Hybrid sensitivity B/W camera (MX-R59XX)
 Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V) (MX-R55XX, MX-R57XX)
 Pixel: 728(H) x 488(V) (MX-R56XX, MX-R59XX)
 Resolution: 550 TV Lines (B/W), 480 TV Lines (Color)
 0.03 Lux / 50IRE, 15 fps-LED turn off / 60cm)
 0.03 Lux / 140IRE, 15 fps-LED turn on / 60cm)
 Frame rate:
30 fps(NTSC-EIA), 25 fps(PAL-CCIR)(standard)
15 fps(NTSC-EIA & PAL-CCIR)()
 Power: DC 5 ~12V, 80mA(max)

If you have customized camera designs(15 fps~1fps), Misumi can help you realize them.
Feel free to send us your ideas, and we can help custom build your special camera application.
Earphone camera ( CCIQ II ) MJ-P460(Black) , MJ-P466(White)
 Everyone will just assume you are listening to your music.
 One of the earphones is a hidden camera.
 One of the earphones is a hidden microphone.
 Ideal for security or covert applications
 Easily integrate with a camcorder or mini portable DVR.

 Effective Image Area: 3.8(H) x 2.9(V)X4.86(D)
 Effective Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V) (EIA/CCIR)
 Pixel Size: 6 um x 6 um
 Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
 0.02 Lux/ F1.2
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic Range: 63.3 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 47 [dB]
 Focal distance: infinity
 Power: 5~12V
Spy mini concealed camera !! MO-R5510SC
 1/3.7" CCIQIII color CSM camera
 Effective image area: 3.8(H) x 2.9(V) x 4.86(D)
 Pixel: 648 x 488 ( NTSC & PAL )
 Horizontal 480 TV lines (MO-R5510SC)
 Image transfer rate:
 60 field/sec(NTSC), 50 field/sec(PAL)
 0.02 Lux/ F1.2 (MO-R5510SC)
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic range: 63.3 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 47.0 [dB]
 Power: DC 5~12V (optional 3.3~5V)
 Dimension(mm): (D)10 x 8.4
Ultra mini camera MO-N5076A-3S
  1/4" color CCIQ
  Effective pixel array: 712x552 (640x480 output pixel array)
  Pixel Size: 5.6 um x 5.6 um
  Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
  Sensitivity: 16 [V/Lux.sec]
  Dynamic Range: 75 [dB]
  S/N ratio: 44.8 [dB]
  Lens: 3.47mm/F3.7(M5.5)
  Power Consumption: DC 5~12V
  Dimension(mm): 28x48x8
  with microphone
1/3" CCIQIII ultra mini concealed lens camera MO-R5610C-3G
 Spy mini concealed camera !! waterproof IP 67!
 Non-detectable(AR lens) !
 Memory size up to 16K
 Pixel: 728(H) x 488(V)
 Pixel size: 6 um x 6 um
 Resolution: 480 TV Lines
 0.05 Lux/ F1.2
 Frame rate: 60 field/sec (NTSC-EIA ), 50 field/sec CVBS (PAL-CCIR)
 Sensitivity: 13.8 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic range: 63.7 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 46.4 [dB]
 Lens: 3.6mm/F2.0
 Power: DC 5 ~12V (80mA- max)
 Dimension( mm): (D)10 x 32+1

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