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1/3.56″ CMOS Bullet Camera MO-5058 Series
 Dimension (mm): Ø 15.2
 Image Sensor: 1/3.56″ CMOS
 Pixel: 712 x 552 (640 x 480 output pixel array) (NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size (µm): 5.6 x 5.6
 Image Area (mm): 3.99 x 3.09
 Interface: CVBS
 Shutter: Rolling
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Sensitivity: 16 V/Lux.sec
4.3 mm / F 2.0 (MO-5058-4V)
16 mm / F 2.0 (MO-5058-16)
 With UTC Function
Adjust camera Shutter , AGC, Sensitivity, Exposure, VLC, White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Color Gain, Sharpness, Noise Reduce, OSD color, Mirror, Language
1/4" Mini Color CCIQ Camera MO-R3588GA
  1/4" Color CCIQ Camera
  648 x 488(NTSC & PAL)
  400TV Lines over
  60 field/sec (NTSC) , 50 field/sec (PAL)
  With 3.6 mm/F2.0 G-type Lens
  Power Source:DC 5-12V(standard)
  12mm x 30mm (Camera dimension)
  Ultra mini color camera

CCIQ II Mini Waterproof IP 67 Bullet Camera MO-R3511G , MO-R3511P, MO-R3512 , MO-R3513
 1/4" Color CCIQ II Camera
 Pixel :648 x 488( NTSC / PAL )
 400 TV Lines
 2.28mm/ F2.0 mini board lens
 View Angle D: 158.5, H:109, V:77.6
 0.1Lux / F1.2
 DC 5-12 V
 Dimension: 11(D) x 25.5 mm (MO-R3511G)
 Dimension: 11.7(D) x 17.3 mm (MO-R3511P)
 Dimension: 13(D) x 42 mm (MO-R3512)
 Dimension: 13(D) x 30 mm(MO-R3513)
CCIQ II Waterproof IP 67 MO-R2509G , MO-R25511G , MO-R2513, MO-T2509GC, MO-T25511GC , MO-T2513C
 1/4" Color CCIQ II Camera
 648x488( NTSC / PAL )
 400 TV Lines

Model: MO-R2509G, MO-T2509G
 2.28mm/ F2.0 Mirco Lens
 SUPER Wide-angle 158.5
 View Angle D: 158.5, H:109, V:77.6
 Dimensions : (D)9.3 mm Only

Model: MO-R25511G, MO-T25511GC
 3.7mm/ F2.0 Mirco Lens
 Dimensions : (D)11 mm Only

Model: MO-R2513, MO-T2513C
 4.3mm/F2.0 Pin Hole Lens
 Dimension : (D)13 mm Only

Mini CMOS bullet camera MO-R2613 , MO-R2614G, MO-R1513, MO-R1514G
 1/3" Color CMOS Camera (CCIQ)
 Pixel :360K(PAL) 250K(NTSC)
 380 TV Lines
 Shutter Speed :1/50-1/125,000 Sec.
 4.3mm / F2.0
 Min. Illumination :0.2 Lux/ F1.2
 DC 5~12V/60 mA(Max)
 Diameter : Ø13.2 mm(MO-R2613), With Mic type: MO-R2613A
 Diameter : Ø14 mm(MO-R2614), With Mic type: MO-R2614A

 1/4" Color CMOS Camera (CCIQ)
 Pixel :320K(NTSC)
 380 TV Lines
 Shutter Speed :1/50-1/200,000 Sec.
 4.3mm / F2.0
 Min. Illumination :1 Lux/ F1.2
 DC 5~12V/60 mA(Max)
 Diameter : Ø13.2 mm(MO-R1513) , With Mic type: MO-R1513A
 Diameter : Ø14 mm(MO-R1514) , With Mic type: MO-R1514A
1/3" Mini Camera MO-R6620E
 With 5D OSD Key
 Dimension (mm): Ø 20
 Image Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS
 Pixel: 756 x 504 (NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size (µm): 6.35 x 7.4
 Image Area (mm): 4.80 x 3.73
 Interface: CVBS
 Shutter: Rolling
 Power: DC 5~12V
 Sensitivity: 11.9 V/Lux.sec
 Exposure, WDR, AGC, WB brightness, Contrast Sharpness, Color Gain, NR, Mirror
WDR technology can potentially create a much better photograph of the scene/WDR light environment (tunnel) :

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