Endoscope Camera
Pipeline Inspection LED Camera   ED-SL1078, ED-TL1038
Dia: 7.8mm, smallest size, Bright LED illumination
Perfect for industrial inspection
 1/10" color CCIQ II pico camera
 white LED light x 4
 Pixel: 400 x 400 (NTSC / PAL)
 Shutter Speed :
1/670 000~1/60 [sec](NTSC)
1/560 000~1/50 [sec](PAL)
(D)7.8 x 25 (ED-SL1078/ side view)
(D)3.87 x 25 (ED-TL1038)

Endoscope camera   ED-3005
 1/3" Color Endoscope Camera
 728(H) x 488(V) (NTSC)
 Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 13.8 V/Lux.sec
 Dynamic Range: 63.7 [dB]
 Min. Illumination: 0.05Lux F1.2/ 20IRE
 Frame Rate: 60fps(NTSC) CVBS, 50fps(NTSC) CVBS
 Lens: 3.6mm/ F6.0 (close up Lens)
 Focal distance 5cm for short distance purpose
 Power: DC 5~12V (100 mA-Max)
 Dimensions(mm): 11(D) x 36(L)
 Perfect for
1. Inspection: pipeline, sewage, air duct, machine
2. Disaster Rescue: earthquake, tornado, hurricane, snow avalanche, fire, flood
3. Insurance Claim Adjuster: inspect property damage, vehicle damage
4. Medical Endoscope

1/18" Color CMOS Camera   MO-R803BC
The smallest camera of the world
 1/18" Color CMOS Camera
 Pixel :320x240 (NTSC)
 240 TV Lines
 Lens: 0.77mm/F3.0
 2Lux / F1.2
 Power: DC 5~12V

Mini Camera Module! with IR LED light   MO-V3506-2ES, MO-V5506-2ES, MO-V5006-2ES, MO-V5606-3S
with LED x 8 (white LED, IR940nm, IR850nm LED-ordering in advance)
 1/4" Color CCIQ
 Effective Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size: 5.55 um x 5.55 um
 Resolution: Horizontal 400 TV Lines
 0.1 Lux/ F1.2
 Sensitivity: 3.16 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic Range: 63.5 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 45.6 [dB]
 Lens: 2.3mm/F2.6(110 degree)
 Power Consumption: DC 5~12V
 Dimension(mm): 8.2(D)

 1/3.7" Color CCIQ
 Effective Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size: 6 um x 6 um
 Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
 0.02Lux at F1.2 20IRE
 Sensitivity: 8.2 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic Range: 63.3 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 47 [dB]
 Lens: 2.3mm/F2.6(115 degree)
 Power Consumption: DC 5~12V
 Dimension(mm): 8.6(D)

MO-V5006-2ES new

 UTC function

 1/3.56" color CCIQ
 Effective Pixel:712 (H)x552(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size: 5.6 um x 5.6 um
 Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
 Sensitivity: 16 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic Range: 75 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 44.8 [dB]
 Lens: 2.3mm/F2.6(144 degree)
 Power Consumption: DC 5~12V
 Dimension(mm): 9.1(D)

 1/3" Color CCIQ
 Effective Pixel:728(H) x 488(V)(NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel Size: 6.35 um x 7.4 um
 Resolution: Horizontal 480 TV Lines
 0.05Lux at F1.2 20IRE
 Sensitivity: 13.8 [V/Lux.sec]
 Dynamic Range: 63.7 [dB]
 S/N ratio: 46.4 [dB]
 Lens: 2.3mm/F2.6(94 degree)
 Power Consumption: DC 5~12V
 Dimension(mm): 9.3(D)

medical camera, tube camera
MISUMI provides many lenses for camera board. Order in advance for your specific needs!
Any inquiry, please email us, we will be pleased to make your customized products!
1/9" Digital CMOS Endoscope side view rigid camera  EDD-SL20959L, EDD-SL20959L8, EDD-SL20959L9

 720p HD inspection side view rigid camera
 LED light source adjustable
 Diameter is 5.9mm only

 1/9" Digital CMOS
 White LED x 6
 1280x720@ 15~30fps(auto) MJPG/ 10fps YUV
 Pixel size: 1.4 um x 1.4 um
 UVC format: MJPEG, YUY2
 Shutter: rolling shutter
 Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 8, windows 10
 Power: DC 5V
 Connector: USB2.0(EDD-SL20959L), Micro USB OTG B type(EDM-SL20959L), USB type-C(EDT-SL20959L)
 Dimensions(mm): (D)5.9 x 27 (tube length can be customized)

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