1080p camera with MIC. xx-Bx31105A series
 Built-in or external microphone (optional)
 External microphone cable length up to 2M
 Dimension(mm): Ø5.4
 Sensor type: 1/6″ CMOS
 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 15~30fps
 Pixel size(µm): 1.4 x 1.4
 Image area(mm): 2.728 x 1.549
 Interface: USB 2.0
 Shutter type: Rolling shutter
 Power: DC 5V
720p Resolution XM-BL20903-76-01
 customized !
 Dimension(mm): (W)3.2 x (L)6 x (H)3.5
 Sensor type: 1/9″ CMOS
 Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ 15~30fps(auto)
 Pixel size(µm): 1.4 x 1.4
 Image area(mm): 1.819 x1.033
 Interface: USB 2.0
 Shutter type: Rolling shutter
 Power: DC 5V
 OS Support: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android
Wireless Camera Module MS-6476-3T-C01
 Dimension(mm): 85 x 70 x 10
 Sensor type: 1/4″ CMOS B/W
 Resolution: 290k(CCIR) / 250k(EIA)
 420 TV Lines over
 Power: DC 5V
 LED 4 pcs
 Working time about 2hr (battery)
 2.4GHz Wireless 10 mW
 With 2.4GHz Wireless receiver (MSR-A2430D)
1/4" Color CMOS Camera (LED) MO-N1505L
 Horizontal 400 TV Lines
 Pixel: 648x488
 Lens: 3.9 mm/F 3.9
 LED x 4
1/4" Color CMOS Camera (LED) MO-T1505L
 Horizontal 400 TV Lines
 Pixel: 648x488 , With 3.4 mm/F 3.4 lens,
 Sizes:(D)8.2 x 13 mm
Customize Camera. Tube camera. MO-T1050L-62
The smallest Handle Camera
 Built-in Lens:1.43mm F3.2,
 Frame rate: 30 @ 400 x 400,
 Camera head: 5 mm (O.D.)
Customize Camera. Motion detect DVR. SDHC 32GB MP-CZ01
Mobile Digital Video Recorder Camera
 Motion detect mode + MO-T3506L + Microphone + 4200 mAh battery DEMO
 Motion detection to trigger Record 30 seconds, loop overwrite Mode
Customize Camera. Tube camera. With LED Light x 4 MO-B4506LC
Tube camera
 AWB:5000K ,Lens not fixed, is adjustable, LED Light x 4
Customize Camera. Board camera. With LED Light x 4 Board camera
Board camera
 camera will be locking "up" or "down"
 Lens focus 5cm~60cm(Ordering in advance), LED Light x 4
Customize Camera. CCIQ II camera. MO-S3588-N04
CCIQ II for endoscope camera module application only
 CCIQ II Module ,With M10x P 0.5 Lens holder
Customize Camera. Tube camera. MO-L3509-25
Tube camera
 Industrial inspection microscope camera
 Built-in Lens:25mm, Large depth of field, Large F-Stop
1/4" B/W CMOS Camera +IR 850nm LED & X-ray eyes MO-T8766ZLSW-P02
 1/4" B/W CMOS Camera
 Pixels: 648 x 488 (N/P)
 Frame Rate:60 field for NTSC; 50 field for PAL
 Video Output CVBS
 Horizontal 400 TV Lines
 2.1 mm/F 2.5 lens
 Focal distance 5 cm (approximately)
 Power Supply :5~12V
 Dimension(mm): (D) 8.2 mm x 19 mm
ultra mini camera + IR 850nm LED light !! & mini DVR MPS-SL88L-2S-P01
  MO-SL88-2S+MP-202M-4G (board only)+ re-chargeable Battery (NP-120)
 IR 850nm LED x 6 !! & Ultra mini DVR (Built-in memory Micro SD card 4G)
 1/4" (PAL) Color CMOS Camera  Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V) ,
 With 2.1 mm /F 2.5 Lens
Snake camera + IR 850nm LED light !! MQ-T85716L-3W-C01
 IR 850nm LED x 3 !!
 1/4" Color CMOS Camera
 Pixel: 648(H) x 488(V)
 With 2.84mm / F6.0 Lens
See through 720p camera + IR LED x 10!! MD-N97110LXR
 With special clip, camera stays tight even when running and jumping.
A very convenient gadget for police on duty.

 IR 940nm LED x 10; IR 850nm LED x 10 (ordering in advance)!!
 1/4" B/W WXGA HD 720P camera
 Pixel: 1280 x 720 /YUV 10fps/ MJPEG 1~30fps/ H.264 1~24fps ; 640 x 400 1~30 fps; 320 x 200 1~30 fps
 With 4.3mm / F2.0 Lens

image demo
1/13" Color CMOS LED camera!! MO-T13R3L-50-P05
white LED x 1 !!
 1/13" Color CMOS Camera
 Pixel: 642(H) x 484(V) ,
 With 1.498mm / F5.0 Lens ,
 Dimension(mm): 6.2 x 11.5 x 7.8
LED Strip CZ-300L
 LED Strip
 DC 5V power input (USB 2.0)
 LED strip length can be customized.
 Perfect for: Traffic police, Road construction,any sport at night..etc.
1/10" Color CMOS Camera MO-B1003-30-N01
 1/10" Color CMOS Camera
 30 degree Lens
 Dimension(mm): (D)4.4
Idea! Camera With High Power UV Light
 1/6" image sensor.
 3W high power UV LED(UV wavelength-specify when ordering)
 The UV light effect can help to detect invisible marks.
 UV camera can quickly detect special coating.
 Side view camera
 Image captured by UVC 1080p camera
(XD-BL31105, TD-BL31105, MD-BL31107-specify when ordering)
5MP CS Mount Camera MD-B5026-03
 CS Mount Camera
 Dimension(mm): 22 x 26
 Sensor type: 1/4″ CMOS
 Resolution: 2592 x 1944 @ 15fps
 Pixel size(µm): 1.4 x 1.4
 Image area(mm): 3.651 x 2.744
 Interface: USB 2.0
 Shutter type: Rolling shutter
 Power: DC 5V
1/36" Color LED Camera MT-V1000LF-120-01
 customized !
   Rigid camera head to mainboard with dimmer 4 cm (OD 1.4 mm)
   Mainboard with dimmer to connector 10 cm (OD 3.5 mm)
 Sensor type: 1/36″ CMOS
 Resolution: 200 x 200 @ 30fps
 Pixel size(µm): 1.75 x 1.75
 Image area(mm): 0.364 x 0.364
 connector: USB 2.0 Type C
 Power: DC 5V / 120 mA

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