Rigid camera
Pipeline Inspection LED Camera   ED-SL1078, ED-TL1038
Dia: 7.8mm, smallest size, Bright LED illumination
Perfect for industrial inspection
 1/10" color CCIQ II pico camera
 white LED light x 4
 Pixel: 400 x 400 (NTSC / PAL)
(D)7.8 x 25 (ED-SL1078/ side view)
(D)3.87 x 25 (ED-TL1038)

1/9" Digital CMOS Endoscope side view rigid camera  EDD-SL20959L, EDD-SL20959L8, EDD-SL20959L9, EDD-TL20942L

 720p HD inspection side view rigid camera
 LED light source adjustable
 Diameter is 5.9mm only

 1/9" Digital CMOS
 White LED x 6
 1280x720@ 15~30fps(auto) MJPG/ 10fps YUV
 Pixel size: 1.4 um x 1.4 um
 UVC format: MJPEG, YUY2
 Shutter: rolling shutter
 Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 8, windows 10
 Power: DC 5V
 Connector: USB2.0(EDD-SL20959L), Micro USB OTG B type(EDM-SL20959L), USB type-C(EDT-SL20959L)
 Dimensions(mm): (D)5.9 x 270 (tube length can be customized)

1/3.56" B/W CCIQ Welding Camera   MO-T7088WR-2ES
 Visible LED and Visible weld applications
 High image quality and High HDR
 UTC Contorl function
 Tube length can be customized
 1/3.56" B/W CCIQ Camera
 Pixel: 712(H) x 552(V) (NTSC / PAL)
 Pixel size: 5.6 um x 5.6 um
 Effective image area: 3.99 mm x 3.09 mm x 5.0 mm
 Resolution: 480 TV Line
 Sensitivity: 16 [V/Lux.sec]
 SNR: 44.8 [dB]
 Dynamic range: 75 [dB]
 Lens: 2.3mm/F10
 Power: DC 5~12 V
 Dimension(mm): 8.8(D)x800(standard)

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