Teeth Camera Module
1.3 MegaPixel Digital Color USB Camera Module   MD-MB4013
SXGA (1280x1024) 1.3 MegaPixel USB CMOS Camera module:
 Active Array Size: 1300 x 1028
 Output Formats: (8-bit) YUV/YCbCr 4:2:2 GRB 4:2:2 Raw RGB Data
 Image Transfer Rate: SXGA 15fps VGA 30fps; QVGA, QQVGA, CIF 30fps; QCIF, QQCIF 30fps;
 USB 2.0/1.1 for, window XP, window 2000
 With 4 White SMD LED Lighting (IR LED optional)

 Dental / Medical Application
 USB Intraoral camera
 USB Micro Skin Scope
 USB Video Otoscope
 USB Video pharyngoscope

 Industrial Application
 Digital Industrial Camera
 USB Line Scan Camera  USB Area Scan Camera
 Inspection Camera(glass, Flat Panel Display, PCB)
 robot-guidance  metrology  microscopy

 Surveillance Application
 USB Snake camera

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Color CMOS Camera Side View Module   MX-BL1204K, MX-BL1204KL, MX-BL1204, MX-BL1204L
 automatic image control functions: automatic exposure control (AEC)
 automatic white balance(AWB) and automatic black level calibration (ABLC)
 Programmable controls for frame rate, AEC/AGC,mirror and flip, scaling and windowing
 Image quality controls: color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness (edge enhancement)
 lens correction,defective pixel canceling, and noise canceling
 Night Vision Color CMOS Camera Module
 White LEDx4 (IR 940nm LED or IR850nm LED - order in advance), with dimmer switch
 720 x 480(NTSC/ ITU-601), 720 x 576(PAL/ITU-601)
 450 TV Lines
 Frame Rate: 15fps (15fps or 30fps(auto)-order in advance)
 Sensitivity: 960mV/(Lux-sec)
 Power: DC 3.3V
 Dimensions(mm): 4.5 x 24
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1/6" Color CMOS Full HD 1080p Miniature UVC Camera   FTD-BL31105, FTM-BL31105, FTT-BL31105
 USB 2.0 (Micro USB or USB Type C- order in advance)
 Snapshot and Freeze frame function
 Dimensions(mm): 4.9x13
 Effective Image area(mm): 2.7288x1.5498
 Pixel Size(um): 1.4x1.4
 Resolution:1920x1080@ 15~30fps MJPG
 Customized resolution-order in advance  Dynamic range: 73.3 dB @ 15.5x gain
 Sensitivity: 553 mV/(Lux-sec)
 Power: DC5V
 OS Support: MAC OS, Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Windows XP, Linux, Android
 Cable length(cm): 200 (OD2.8mm)
 Connector: USB 2.0 A type (FTD-BL31105), Micro USB OTG B type (FTM-BL31105), USB Type C (FTT-BL31105)

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1/9" Digital CMOS Super Slim 720p UVC Camera Module  MD-BL20903-76, MD-BL20903L-76
 720p HD Super Slim side video camera module, narrow pipeline inspection
 1/9" Digital CMOS
 White LED x 6 (order in advance)
 1280x720@ 15~30fps(auto) MJPG/ 10fps YUV
 Pixel size: 1.4 um x 1.4 um
 UVC format: MJPEG, YUY2
 Shutter: rolling shutter
 Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7, Windows 8, windows 10
 Power: DC 5V
 Connector: USB2.0(MD-BL20903), Micro USB OTG B type(MM-BL20903), USB type-C(MT-BL20903)
 Dimensions(mm): 3.5 x 22
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