Android 10-Geräte unterstützen KEINE USB-Kameraverbindung.

Android 10 devices do NOT support UVC(USB Video Class) devices to be connected in the apps with targetSdkVersion API Level 28 and above. From November 2019, all app updates on Google Play have been required to target API level 28 or higher. (source: Therefore, for updating the app to Google Play, MISUMI should be API level 28 or higher. Android 10 smartphones CANNOT connect a USB camera like webcams, etc in the app from the Play Store. So far, we haven’t found any official documents form Google OS about these policy changes. We are looking for various ways to solve the issue and will share if there’s any updates.

Grundlegende Informationen für Ihre Referenz

• Camera with LED light source are suggested to use with large aperture  F number
• FID: AA-BB-CC mm
   FID means focus distance Identification
   AA means the clearest point
   BB-CC means the range that still can be seen
   For example: 50-20-70mm
   50mm is the focus point and 20mm to 70mm is the range of viewing distance.

• Cameras with UTC function can use with UTC controller (model: UTC-100) to adjust image display.
   UTC-100 can be purchased separately.

MISUMI filter define

• AR: IR PASS (available for B/W camera)
• IR: IR cut 645nm (available for color camer)
• XR: 850-945nm
• YR: 640~940nm,645~850nm cut
430~600 & 850~940 pass
• ZR / Z: 800nm [800peak]
• ZZR / ZZ: 825-945nm


camera viewing direction

Binning VGA vs. Crop VGA:

Binning VGA vs. Crop VGA

Image Description:

camera viewing direction